How to create new colors?

We'd like to share how easy it is to make new color with your existing sealing wax beads!
By mixing them together, you'll be able to create different color shades & marbling effects!

Let's get it started!

All you need are wax beads, toothpick / metal stir stick,
sealing wax spoon, candle 
spoon holder (if you'd like to free your hand)!

You'll need 3 wax beads to make ONE 2.5cm / 1" seal, which make it handy!


- STEP 1 -
Add 3 or more  wax beads into the sealing wax spoon or any metal spoon

- STEP 2 -
Melt them above a candle along or with a  spoon holder

- STEP 3 -
Use a toothpick / metal stick to stir them until they mix well. 
Or if you like marble effect, don't stir too well

- STEP 4 -
Drip the wax onto your preferred surface. Be Careful! Wax is hot!

- STEP 5 -
Press the stamp onto the hot wax. Lift it up slowly. You're all done!

This is how the toothpicks will look like after stirring the wax! 
Don't they look like matches?

This is how to make marling effects!
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