Hand Pressing Wax Seal Letter Enamel Pin | Silver

$ 10.00 USD

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  • Perfect to wear with your favourite jacket, decorate your bag or add to your collection boards!
    It also makes great gift for anyone who love letter, mail or wax seal. 

    The letter is finished in mirror surface, it's very shiny! 
    The only downside of it is there will be more flaws from the polishing process.
    But it also add some characters to it too!
    As they're all handmade and some imperfections are expected.

    It's our 3rd pin design and we're happy how it turns out!
    Hope you like the details & textures as much as we do!
    The seal used in the pin is available HERE!

    Made with silver plated zink alloy with hard enamel finish.  
    Comes with 2 soft durable rubber pin clasp backers. 

    :: DIMENSION ::
    ~1.57" x 1.3" / ~4 x 3.3cm

    :: GRADING ::
    Pins are handmade so they will always have slight imperfections and might not be 100% perfect. Mirror surface will have slightly more scratches. Please see "IMPORTANT NOTE" tag for detailed grading guide.

    :: PACKAGING ::
    Standard pin will come with an omamori (amulet) inspired backing card with a ~11" / ~30cm long knot strings for displaying.
    B Grade pin will come in small plastic bag without backing card.


  • DO NOT ORDER if any of the below descriptions would make you unpleasant

    Pins are handmade so they will always have slight imperfections and might not be 100% perfect.

    Standard: Minimal to no visible flaw, such as light scratches, small dent, minor enamel under-fill or small ink bleeds. Imperfection on the side or back of the pin.

    Grade B: More noticeable flaws & multiple imperfections, such as scratches, dent, flecks, larger ink bleeds, spots and marking on the patins or wrongly paint parts. They're still wearable and functional. Good options for saving a few dollars if you plan on wearing them where they might get roughed up a bit anyway. Comes in small plastic bag without backing card.

    Color shown on your computer screen may be slightly different from the colors in person because each screen is different.