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Design Your Own Custom Embosser Stamp


    Throughout history, embosser stamps were used to authenticate documents, eliminate forgery and prove identification. Now there are lots of new & creative ways to use it! With different designs, you could use it to add a special touch to wedding invites, personalized stationery, branding packaging material, and many more. 

    :: CONTENTS ::
    You will receive one set of stainless steel embosser with brass plate engraved with your design. The embosser will comes in flat with a box for easy storage. 

    File Formats Accepted - .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
    Suggested Image Size - 2000 x 2000 pixels
    Please provide a solid black and white image, not shaded or grey.
    Do not mirror or reverse your design.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you have the right to use the image and you will be fully responsible for any future copyright infringement issue of the design you sent.

    TIPS For clear / strong impression: Keep it Simple!
    The more complex the design, the more resistance, therefore, the less clear the embossed image. Also complex design will not work for thick paper, can only work with thin paper due to the resistance of the embosser. 
    We could convert any design in our shop into embosser for you, please see available designs here

    :: USAGE ::
    It can reach approx. 1.7 inches / 4.5 cm from the nearest edge of the paper to the center of the impression. This embosser is for light duty, such as embossing envelopes, letter head and stickers, please refer "additional info" for details.

    :: DIMENSIONS ::
    Assembled: Measures approx. 4.9" / 12.5 cm long, 1.7" / 4.5cm wide & 4.9" /12.5cm tall.
    Disassembled: Measured approx. 4.9" / 12.5 cm long, 2" / 5cm wide & 1" / 2.5cm tall.

    Please see our FAQ for shipping, handling and return information. 

  • As the brass plate is round, your design will be fitted in the size of diameter you chose, that means it will be resized to fit in a circle. Unless your design is round, if not the impression will be smaller than the diameter you choose from.

    This embosser is designed for light duty use, suitable for papers up to 200 gsm in weight, or heavier if the paper is soft. If you'd like a heavy duty embosser, please contact us for details. 

    Brass is a natural material. It will slightly oxidize and form a beautiful patina over time. This will not affect the clarity or impression. Please note that there might be some scratches on the embosser, but it won't affect the impression.

    The colors shown on your computer screen may be slightly different from the colors in person because each screen is different.