Royal Crown Signet Cord Bracelet

$ 30.00 USD

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  • Looking for a minimal piece of jewellery?
    These could be just what you're looking for!
    You can wear it on its own or with others to fit your style!
    It comes in one size and adjustable by sliding the cords.
    Available to in 23 colors & 2 sizes!

    Engraved area: ~10 - 12mm in diameter

    Charm: Brass (Will be varied, some darker, some lighter)
    Pendant base: Stainless Steel
    Bracelet: Barley Twist Cord & stainless steel parts

  • DO NOT ORDER if any of the below descriptions would make you unpleasant

    Brass is a natural material, it will oxidize and form a patina or tarnish when it exposed to air or moisture. You can use sandpaper to bring its luster back or clean it in an eco-friendly way, such as lemon juice.

    Each pendant is individually engraved & mounted, variations may be presents that add to the uniqueness of each pendant. The image engraved might slightly off center & might see glue marks around the brass.

    As this is handmade from scratch by us, there might have some glue marks on the stainless steels parts that linked with the cord.

    Suggest removing your braclete before contacting water or using chemicals.