10 Tricks for using wax seals

- 1 -
Use a cooling agent
If you want to speed up the cooling process,
you can use a cooling agent like ice or a cold pack to quickly solidify the wax.
Hold the cooling agent near the wax for a few seconds after applying the seal.
- 2 -
Create a layered effect
For a unique and eye-catching look, you can create a layered effect by
applying different colors or types of wax in succession.
Let each layer cool and solidify before applying the next one.

Layering seals created by Petra
- 3 -
Add embellishments
Enhance your wax seals by adding small embellishments like dried flowers,
glitter, or small charms to the wax before it solidifies.
This can give your seals a personalized touch.
Adding Metallic Foils

- 4 -
Experiment with sealing mediums
While traditional sealing wax is the most common choice,
you can experiment with other sealing mediums like
flexible sealing wax or even hot glue sticks.
These alternatives can offer different textures and finishes.
Highlight with Metallic Highlight Powder

- 5 -
Mix wax colors
Create custom colors by melting different colored wax sticks together.
You can achieve unique shades by blending the wax
on a non-stick surface before applying it.

Create marble wax effect with our palette
- 6 -
Use a heat gun
If you want to speed up the melting process or you're working on a large project,
a heat gun can provide a more efficient and controlled heat source.
Be cautious not to overheat the wax or the surface you're sealing.
- 7 -
Experiment with seal placement
Instead of placing the seal directly in the center of the wax pool,
try positioning it off-center or at an angle for a more dynamic and artistic look.
- 8 -
Use a wax seal stamp with a handle
Wax seal stamps with handles offer better control
and stability during the sealing process.
They allow you to apply even pressure and achieve consistent results.
OOAK Wax Seal Handles

- 9 -
Seal over other materials
Wax seals can be applied to various surfaces beyond envelopes,
such as gift tags, bottles, or even ceramics.
Experiment with different materials
to create unique and decorative pieces.

Seals on Acrylic Tag with Clear Glue Sticks

- 10 -
Practice on scrap materials
Before sealing important documents or using expensive materials,
practice on scrap paper or other materials to refine your technique
and experiment with different designs.

Remember, wax sealing is a versatile and creative craft.
Don't be afraid to try new techniques and
personalize your seals to make them truly unique.