How our seal is made?

Once a design is created / received, we need to redraw the design in the engraving program, and let it analyses where and how many steps it needs to engrave.

This process would take about 30 minutes to 3 hours+, depends on the complexity of the design.

For the one we're going to demonstrate, as it's relatively simple, it takes about 30 minutes before we could put it into production. 


This is how our seal looks like under macro lens, you can actually see from the heart how many layers we need to engrave to get the depth you see.
Layer by layer. No shortcut. This truly explain why good things did take time!

All the handles are hand-painted by us. Since they're not mass produced, it might have visible brush strokes and scratches. The logo on our signature handle (short handle) is laser engraved individually, they may look slightly different from each other. They might not be perfect but they comes in free along with your seal. The color you pick will be subject to availability tho. 
Thanks for taking time to read this. Hope you get a better idea how our wax seal is made!