10 Tips for using wax seals

- 1 -
Choose the right wax
Select a wax that is specifically designed for sealing.
Traditional sealing wax, which comes in sticks, is a popular choice.
It is available in various colors and finishes.
- 2 -
Use a high-quality seal
Invest in a well-crafted seal to ensure clear and crisp impressions.
Seals are available in different designs, sizes,
and materials like metal or wood.

- 3 -
Prepare your surface
Ensure that the surface you're sealing is clean, dry, and smooth.
Remove any dust or debris that might interfere with the seal.
- 4 -
Melt the wax
Light a wax seal burner or use a low-temperature glue gun
with a wax sealing stick to melt the wax.
Hold the stick over the flame until it starts to drip smoothly.

- 5 -
Apply the wax
Hold the stick at a slight angle and allow the melted wax
to drip onto the desired spot on the surface.
Be careful not to let the wax touch the flame,
as it can cause soot or discoloration.
- 6 -
Create a pool of wax
Allow the wax to form a small pool of about 3/4 inch (2 cm) in diameter.
This will provide enough area for the seal to make a clear impression.

- 7 -
Press the seal
While the wax is still soft and pliable,
press the seal firmly into the center of the pool.
Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the wax to cool and solidify.
- 8 -
Remove the seal carefully
Gently lift the seal straight up from the wax surface.
Avoid any twisting or wiggling motions that could distort the impression.

- 9 -
Clean the seal
Wipe the seal clean with a soft cloth or tissue
after each use to remove any residual wax.
This will help maintain the clarity of the design.
- 10 -
Experiment and practice
Wax sealing is an art that requires practice.
Experiment with different wax colors, techniques,
and seal designs to find your preferred style.
With time, you'll develop your own unique sealing style.

Remember, patience and practice are key when using wax seals.
Enjoy the process and have fun
creating beautiful and personalized impressions!