The Meaning of Wax Seal Colors

While there is no universal or standardized meaning for
specific wax seal colors, historically, certain colors
have been associated with particular symbols or sentiments.

Here are some traditional associations with wax seal colors:

- RED -
Red wax seals are often associated with love, passion, and romance.
They can also convey power, authority, and importance.
Red is a popular color for sealing wedding invitations or love letters.
- GOLD -
Gold wax seals symbolize wealth, prosperity, and elegance.
They are often used for formal and prestigious documents or
to add a touch of luxury to correspondence. 
Silver wax seals represent purity, sophistication, and modernity.
They can be used for formal occasions or to convey a sense of refinement
- BLUE -
Blue wax seals are associated with calmness, trust, and loyalty.
They are often used for official documents, legal papers, or
to convey a sense of stability.

Green wax seals are associated with nature, growth, and fertility.
They can represent hope, renewal, and abundance.
Green is commonly used for eco-friendly initiatives,
garden-related themes, or environmental documents. 

Black wax seals can symbolize formality, mystery, authority or mourning,
depending on the context and accompanying elements.
They are often used for important contracts, legal documents, or
to convey a sense of seriousness.

Purple wax seals are associated with royalty, luxury, and power.
They can represent ambition, creativity, and regality.
Purple is often used for sealing documents related to
prestigious or high-ranking individuals.

It's important to note that these associations are not universally recognized and
can vary depending on cultural and personal interpretations.

Ultimately, the meaning of a wax seal color can be subjective or
personalized based on the context and intentions of the sender or user.