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Blank Wax Seal Stamp | Available in 5 Sizes

  • This blank wax seal stamp is perfect for sealing with glitter, pressed flowers, gold foil, etc.

    It's made with brass & comes in your preferred size with a complimentary wooden handle. You can also choose not to come with a handle!

    ROUND SEAL  (in diameter)
    - XXS ~0.47" / 1.2cm
    - XS
     ~0.59" / 1.5cm 
    - S ~0.7" / 2cm 
    - Standard 1" / 2.5cm
    Large ~1.18" / 3cm

  • DO NOT ORDER if any of the below descriptions would make you unpleasant

    Brass is a natural material, it will oxidize and form a patina or tarnish when it exposed to air or moisture. It will not affect the clarity or impression of the seal. Learn how to bring its luster back in an eco-friendly way HERE.

    The outlook of the metal disc / surface of the brass might not be perfect and might have visible scratches and spots due to the production process. It will not affect the clarity or impression of the seal. The shape of the complimentary handle might look different from time to time too.

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