Roses Embosser

$ 60.00 USD

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  • Our embosser comes in with brass plate engraved with your preferred size. 

    ~4.9" x 1.7" x 4.9"
    ~12.5cm x 4.5cm x 12.5cm
    If you choose to order in set, it will come in flat with a complimentary plastic box for storage. Save $10 by ordering only the insert, if you already possess the handheld tool from us.

    Metal plate size is in diameter, as it's round, the design will be fitted in the size of the diameter you chose. The actual impression might be smaller than the diameter you chose.

    It can reach approx. 1.7 inches / 4.5 cm from the nearest edge of the paper to the center of the impression. This embosser is for LIGHT DUTY ONLY, suitable for paper up to 200 gsm in weight, or heavier if the paper is soft, such as envelopes, stickers, napkins, etc.

  • DO NOT ORDER if any of the below descriptions would make you unpleasant

    Brass is a natural material. It will oxidize and form a patina or tarnish when it exposed to air or moisture. It will not affect the clarity or impression of the embosser.

    The outlook of the embosser might not be perfect. There might be some scratches on the embosser, but it will not affect the impression.

    The colors shown on your computer screen may be slightly different from the colors in person because each screen is different.

    Storage box is a complimentary item. Postal service might be violence sometimes. It's not available for exchange, replacement or refund.