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  • Our sealing wax spoon holder fits well with our sealing wax spoon. It can free your hands while you're melting your sealing wax. It's made with wood & the part that contact with the spoon is metal. You could put a tea candle inside the holder to melt the wax. Please note some batch of spoon holder's metal part is magnetic & removable.

    There are two options to order, if you already have our spoon, you could order the holder only or you could other the holder with the spoon. Our sealing wax spoon has a flat bottom and a small spout / beak to assist pouring wax. The spoon is well-crafted, but not intended for heavy duty use. DO NOT keep burning it for a long time. It can be cleaned with a tissue paper after it's cooled down.

    Spoon Holder Dimension:
    ~3.03 x 1.57" / 7.7cm x 4cm
    NOTE: Color of the wood might be varied and there might have small bubbles on the metal plate.

    Spoon Dimension:
    ~1.37" x 3" / ~3.5 x 7.7cm

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  • DO NOT ORDER if any of the below descriptions would make you unpleasant

    While melting sealing wax with a candle & spoon, never leave burning candle unattended. To prevent fire and serious injury, only burn candle within sight, DO NOT touch hot wax and hot spoon. Keep away from drafts and keep out of reach from children & pets.

    The color shown on your computer screen may be slightly different from the color in person because each screen is different. Wood color may vary from batch to batch.

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